Screen Repair

Broken phone screen? No problem, GigAbove will fix it fast. Just bring your phone in and we’ll specially order the screen and have it fixed in no time. Prices are based on the cost of the part needed to be ordered, but you can call and we will give you an estimate over the phone. Additionally, here is a table for common phone screen repair prices:

Screen Repair Prices

Phone Name Price
iPhone XR [add_to_cart id=”331″ style=””]
iPhone 8+ [add_to_cart id=”329″ style=””]
iPhone 8 [add_to_cart id=”327″ style=””]
iPhone 7 & 7+ [add_to_cart id=”207″ style=””]
iPhone 6+ & iPhone 6s+ [add_to_cart id=”205″ style=””]
iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s [add_to_cart id=”212″ style=””]
iPhone 5, iPhone SE, iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c [add_to_cart id=”214″ style=””]
iPad Air 1 [add_to_cart id=”207″ style=””]
iPad Air 2 [add_to_cart id=”211″ style=””]
iPad Mini 1, 2 & 3 [add_to_cart id=”209″ style=””]
iPad Mini 4 [add_to_cart id=”206″ style=””]
iPad 2, 3 [add_to_cart id=”213″ style=””]