Computer Repair

If your computer running slowly or loudly, then something is wrong. Let us get your machine running as efficiently as possible. Prices for services are listed below.

Service Description Price
Computer Diagnostics Service Determine what problems may reside on your machine. This fee will be applied to your overall bill. $55.00
Computer Cleanup Perform software clean-up to optimize and streamline the speed of your machine. We also recommend hardware upgrades. $95.00
Hardware Installation Install new or replacement hardware on your machine. THIS DOES NOT COVER THE COST OF PARTS. $110.00
Virus Removal Identify and remove computer viruses from your machine and ensure that anti-virus software is up to date. $95.00
Install Operating System Install/Reinstall Windows or Apple operating system on your machine. $120.00
Install/Configure Software Install/Configure software to correctly function on your machine. $120.00